Are We a Good Fit?

Not everyone should work together.

Yep, it's true, which is exactly why we freely admit that 501(c)onsulting is not a "good fit" for everyone.

We are NOT a good fit if:

  • You don't belive there's a difference in what nonprofits and associations need vs. what businesses need.
  • Your organization is more interested in getting "cheap" instead of "good" service.
  • You are looking for someone to just execute your plans and aren't open to suggestions.
  • You want a company to focus on SEO and getting you first page placement on Google searches. (We can recommend others who do this.)
  • You are not interested in a mutually beneficial relationship.

We ARE a good fit if you're looking for professionals who:

  • Have a strategic and proactive approach to problems and needs.
  • Can provide technical expertise while still maintaining a view of the big picture.
  • Can deliver on time and within budget, but are never in a rush.
  • Are accountable and responsive and expect the same from you.
  • See our primary goal as providing a return on your investment that leads to advancing your goals.

Think we're a good fit? Let's talk.

Contact us today and let's figure out how we can change the world together.