Board and Staff Retreats Overview

I guide organization leaders who:

  • understand that board and staff retreats are more involved than regular meetings.
  • can dedicate a full day to the retreat.
  • are committed to being active participants in the retreat.
  • are willing to do the work to make changes.
  • can listen well and accept compromises.
  • want to work as a team through a united mission and vision.
  • recognize that there are strong benefits to having a professional facilitating the retreat.

I’m passionate about helping organizations by facilitating board and staff retreats. My in-the-trenches experience lends an ability to see both the big picture needs and management details for moving you forward towards your vision.

Whether you are dealing with management issues, need to move your organization into a new direction, or are just overwhelmed with all the everyday details and don’t know where to start, I can support you to be stronger and more focused. We can partner together to uncover the tools you need to move forward.

I understand the issues that organization leaders face every day, and offer customized board and staff retreat solutions. I’ve been where you are and can help you address the issues you’re facing so you can gain clarity around your strengths and challenges.

Are you ready to invest in creating a bigger impact? Want to find more joy and passion in your work and personal life?

Let’s connect and see if we can walk that path together.

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