Strategic Planning Overview

We understand the issues that nonprofits and associations face every day, and offer a comprehensive strategic planning solution. We cover programs and services from technology and events to structure, organization, and board/staff relations. 501(c)onsulting partners with organizations to provide the tools needed to succeed - with fewer headaches.

501(c)onsulting can guide you through the creation of a plan for your organization that will help you improve services in various areas, whether they are local, national or world-wide. Our strategic planning package provides you with a thorough review of your group’s functions, including such areas as Board and Staff operations, programs and services, event planning, budgeting, communications, fundraising and volunteer management, along with recommended steps for achieving a more effective and efficient operation - all tied to specific people and timelines.

Your organization will benefit from a framework for growth, more engaged staff and board members, plus tools and structure to get things done. You’ll gain a motivation for change and impact through a newly-defined ability to grow and move in a more effective direction.

The goal of the Strategic Planning process is to give you back a sense of control and clarity. It uncovers ways to improve your operations and guides you to better serve your group’s community in its service area and beyond. This is a deep dive that involves a staff and time commitment. For Strategic Planning to be effective, it requires work. But the results will be transformational - for you and your mission.

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